Lockdown 2020 – Easter egg hunt – 13th April 2020

This morning did not start well in my mind. Bella wanted to do some drawing and she knows where the paper is kept in the living room. However instead of just getting one or two pieces of paper out she pulled out the entire box – all over the living room floor. It looked like a bomb had gone off. I was not impressed. She eventually found the paper she wanted and did her drawing.

I tidied up the mass of paper all over the floor so at least we could have our living room back. While I was finishing up tiding the room I received a notification that Bella’s Babyballet session was about to start on the Facebook page. I got Bella dressed a tuned into the Facebook page, streaming it on the TV.

Bella was far more open to joining in today. She didn’t even need much encouragement to join in. She sat herself down and followed Miss Alice’s instructions. The new term fees were due today and I’d emailed dad as soon as I received the invoice and email so he was able to pay it. That’s one thing dad always offered to pay for was any dance lessons/activity classes for Bella and I suppose it’s a way he’s still involved in her life. He said he would let me know when he’d paid her classes but I haven’t heard yet. I hope they’re paid soon as I don’t want Bella to miss out.

While Bella was participating in her ballet class I saw on Facebook that Bella had received a finalist place with the Easter bonnet competition she had entered. That was wonderful news especially as Bella was the youngest it seemed and also she had made it all herself.

After ballet Bella played with her castle while I went into the garden to hide all her Easter eggs. Bella kept peeking through the curtain. I told her if she didn’t stop peeking I wasn’t going to be able to hide them. She quickly stopped peeking and just carried on playing with her castle.

I ran round the garden and hid all the eggs. Now we have learnt over many years to try and remember where the eggs were hidden. I mean dad used to organise Easter egg hunts when we were kids and he’d always forget where half of them were hidden. So to save the pain of loosing any eggs I took a photo of where each egg was hidden. So much easier that way.

I finished hiding all the eggs and headed back inside to chill out. We had agreed that we weren’t going to do the egg hunt until Daly was awake and ready to join in. Just after I’d sat down to relax the doorbell went. I wondered if it was Rachel with our shopping but was surprised to find Paige on the doorstep. She was dropping off Bella’s Easter egg. We told Bella she wasn’t able to give Paige a hug but she could take the egg. She grabbed the egg and disappeared. Paige and I had a catch up discussing how our lockdown was going before saying goodbye so Paige could continue being the Easter bunny.

By the time I got back into the living room Bella had ripped open the egg and was cracking on with eating it. She hadn’t even waited for me to give her permission she just took matters into her own hands.

I went up stairs and woke up Daly. I told him he needed to get up so Bella could go outside and hunt for her eggs. He dragged himself out of bed and got dressed. He came downstairs and played with Bella briefly before we got ready to go outside.

Bella got dressed in her coat and wellies and found her Easter basket so she could go and collect her eggs. I put my coat on and then we headed outside as a family.

We all helped Bella find the eggs. I was wandering around with the camera taking photos while Daly and Liam tried to find the eggs. Once she’d found about 12 of the eggs I went through the photos of where I’d hidden them to check which ones she had left. The last two she found we’re hidden in the greenhouse and considering how normally she will ignore the rule not to go in the greenhouse we were quite surprised they were the last she found. (I’m so sorry about that sentence but I write as I think and god knows what my brain is doing at the moment)

Once all the eggs were found we all headed inside to share out the rest of the Easter goodies. We had received eggs from Daly’s parents and Rachel. Bella had also received goodies from Great Grandma and Grandad and my dad. I shared them all out. Thankfully Bella didn’t have too much chocolate this year. She received 5 eggs and a chocolate rabbit. She’d received a book from my dad. Great Grandma and Grandad had got her a snuggle buddy (One of those teddies with a heat pack in it you can put in the microwave) and a few cute clothes.

We said goodbye to Daly as he headed off to work. Bella and I settled down to watch a bit of TV before I started dinner. I blogged while Bella watched Nick Jr. Butterbeans café was the show of choice today.

It seemed the Easter egg hunt had taken it out Bella. After dinner she came and snuggled up on my lap while I blogged. But she didn’t last long. Within a couple of minutes of sitting on my lap she had fallen asleep. It’s cute that she still snuggles up on my lap and falls asleep.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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