Lockdown 2020 – Uncle Liam, come play – 19th April 2020

We had a nice chilled out morning again this morning. The TV was off again and so Bella had out her pirate ship and her castle. She was happily making up games using her little pirates. And enjoyed pressing the buttons along the side making the boat sing. I got a bit fed up of the songs but it was better than Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol constantly.

After she was fed up of the pirate ship she popped it back into her playroom and found her Scalextric. She pulled it out and I set it up for her. She had to have a little hunt for the cars as for some reason they hadn’t been put in the box with the track. She found the cars and then I had to give them a little TLC so they would work.

Bella and I had a few races and then she decided that she wanted Uncle Liam awake to play. I told her to go upstairs then and wake him up. She wouldn’t her on her own so I went upstairs with her but left her to wake him up on her own.

When her and Uncle Liam reappeared he headed into the kitchen to make a coffee to wake up and I did Bella some toast to eat. That gave Liam a little bit of time to wake up. When he decided he was fully awake and able to play Bella wanted to play playdough. So Liam and Bella went and sat up to the table and played with the playdough. This gave me a chance to cut out a load of resources I had printed off for upcoming homeschooling sessions.

Once Bella had finished with the playdough, well I tempted Bella away with some chocolate as Liam was getting a bit bored and wanted to get on with some jobs he had planned for the day. Bella headed outside into the garden. Even though it was a gorgeous warm day outside Bella insisted on wearing her coat. She’s got it in her head that if she goes outside she has to wear her wellies and her coat. I’ve managed to get her out of the habit of wearing her wellies and into her flipflops but not out of her coat Maybe in time she’ll realise it’s too warm for one.

I spent the afternoon watching Disney films. We first watch Descendants 3 and then Descendants 2 as Bella wanted to watch 3 again.

I finished my afternoon by making a cheesecake. I had asked Rachel to grab me some ingredients the other day and I thought I’d better use them before they went off. I gathered the ingredients together and started making the base. I popped the base into the freezer to harden and caught up with Bella watching her films.

Then it was time for the topping. Now last time I made a cheesecake it was a disaster so I wasn’t really holding out any hope for this one. To be fair the topping didn’t look too bad once it was made and popped on top. I’m actually pretty proud of my cheesecake. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Stay safe.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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