Lockdown 2020 – Ballet and Movie Day – 20th April 2020

This morning was going to be our first time joining in with Bella’s new term of Babyballet online classes. They had finally been paid so Bella was now able to join in. Before ballet through we needed to get fuelled up. Bella helped me make her breakfast. She loves jam on toast so she’ll will get the butter and jam out of the fridge and a plate out of the cupboard. It’s great how she’s willing to help me out.

Once she had her breakfast we headed into the living room where Bella did a bit of cutting before we got ready for ballet. She seemed pretty happy that she was getting to put her ballet outfit on and do some dancing.

The problem this morning was I was struggling to link my phone to the TV. For about a week I had the little TV icon in the corner of all the videos on Facebook but now it’s gone. So I tried hooking up the laptop and that seemed to work. Normally I can link it via the wifi but it didn’t want to play ball so I had to connect it using the HDMI lead.

Bella really enjoyed her ballet lesson and it was great to see her be able to join in again. She really enjoyed a jungle song they did where she had to pretend to be all different jungle animals.

After class Bella wanted to watch Frozen. So we popped on Frozen 2 and she settled down to watch.

When Frozen had finished she wanted to change her outfit into the pretty summer dress Daly had bought her and then watch Trolls. So I found World tour for her and we settled down to watch that.

While we watched the movies I decided it was time for me to start on the dress I wanted to make Bella. She’s slowly growing out of her clothes and with it becoming warmer I want her to have some summer dresses to run around in and a few rompers.

I don’t have any proper sized fabric, I only have fat quatres but it turned out these were big enough to cut out some panels for a skirt. It was suppose to be one big circle for the skirt but I didn’t have a big enough piece of fabric and wanted to make a patchwork dress anyway. That’s why I had bought all these pieces of fabric. So I cut out all the pieces of fabric I needed to make my dress.

By the time I’d finished cutting all the dress pieces out it was dinner time. I’m making saucy sausages for dinner. It seems to be Bella’s new favourite and it’s so easy to cook.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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