Lockdown 2020 – Ice Cream Day – 24th April 2020

Daly was off today so he decided to have a job day. I however was working hard on Bella’s dress. We had a bit of a lazy morning while we tried to wake up and get our acts together.

I soon got Bella dressed and she headed out into the back garden to join Daly while he cut the grass. He had decided to mow the lawn today. I think he is getting restless not being able to do much being stuck at home all the time. Bella ran outside and was playing on the slide and swing while Daly mowed around her.

I stayed inside determined to try and get as much as I could of Bella’s dress done. I’d finished the bodice and had moved onto the skirt. I had hemmed both layers of the skirt and was working on attaching the two pieces together now. Once they were attached to each other it was time to attach the bodice. My fingers were really starting to hurt with all the stitching.

Once Daly had finished the back garden, he then moved onto the front. He had to keep walking through the house to add the grass cuttings to the pile out the back. I felt bad as I seemed to be sitting in his way.

When he finished mowing the lawn he moved on to washing the car. While he was out there, he suddenly came running in and told us to put our shoes on. The ice cream man had turned up and he wanted to treat Bella to an ice cream. We put on our shoes and went out to the front. Bella was very excited to get an ice cream. We went and chose which ice cream we wanted. Bella decided she wanted a 99 with a flake. We ordered hers and she received her ice cream. She stood by us happily munching away while we received ours.

Once we all had our ice creams Bella and I headed back inside while Daly went back to cleaning the car. We had a nice time chilling around, eating our ice creams.

A nice chilled out day. Well I spent most of my day stitching and trying to get as much of Bella’s dress done as I could.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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