Lockdown 2020 – Cleaning Spree – 27th April 2020

Ballet this morning. And man was that a drama. Bella screamed the house down this morning over me getting her dressed into her ballet outfit. I eventually managed to get her into her leotard but that’s as far as she was willing to go. I’m guessing she was hungry because once I gave her a bowl of cereal she calmed down completely and moaned that she didn’t have her ballet shoes on and couldn’t do ballet if she wasn’t wearing them.

Once the ballet shoes were on and she’d eaten some cereal she was ready to join in. She actually did really well following her ballet teachers instructions. She joins in so well we the warm up now, I don’t need to encourage her at all. And her favourite parts are good toes and naughty toes and hide away.

I joined in a little bit with her as I find it helps if she looses her concentration. But thankfully I didn’t have to join in much.

After ballet I went on a massive cleaning spree. I’m so fed up with how messy and cluttered it looked. It had been driving me loopy so I decided to finally tackle it.

Now when I tidy, it takes me forever. I have small bursts of energy to get bits done and then I have to take a break. So that’s how today went. I started by the TV trying to organise all the DVDs and electronics.

I soon stopped though and went on to Twinkl to find some more resources for Bella. I wanted to change the display on our learning wall. Parts from the emergency services display looked a bit tatty and it was coming off the wall so time for a change. I hadn’t planned on doing anything display wise but I thought it was better than just a blank wall. Especially as her sensory tray is now in front of that wall.

So I sat on the floor laminating bits to go on the wall while Bella watched the Hotel Transylvania TV show. She really likes everything associated to the films and they are quite funny so I don’t mind them.

Are day pretty much continued like that. A little bit of TV and home learning preparation and tidying.

That evening while I was cooking Bella wanted to join me in the kitchen. Now she knows she isn’t allow in the kitchen while I was cooking but everything was in the oven and I was just doing the washing up while I cooked so I felt it was ok for her to come and join me. She wanted to help me but there wasn’t anything I needed help with so instead I grabbed her some paper and her pencils and she sat up to the counter drawing pictures. That’s how Daly found us when he got home.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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