Lockdown 2020 – Busy day of home learning – 29th April 2020

I ended up crashing out when Bella went to bed last night but I was suppose to be having a digital coffee date with Leanne this morning so I panic woke up at quatre to 8 when Bella woke up. My phone had been left downstairs over night so it meant I had no alarms upstairs and no clock. So that meant when I heard Bella wake up I got up as well so I could at least be up and check the time.

It turned out it was 7.45am and I had plenty of time before my video chat with Leanne. We were Skyping at 10am.

While I was waiting I made myself some breakfast. I had seen that Leanne had had scrambled eggs on toast yesterday so I ended up craving that. I made myself some scrambled eggs and toast and sat back down to watch some YouTube.

It turns out Bella is not good at early mornings. I’m wondering how she is gonna cope when she starts full days at nursery and then school. Getting her to wake up and do stuff before 9am is a nightmare. She crashed back out on the sofa. The funny thing is I knew she was going to.

I left her sleeping on the sofa while I ate my breakfast and then I decided to try some new make up I had bought. I had recently bought a new primer I had seen online. I really suffer from rosacea so anything that claims it can cover that I’ll try. I had seen this triple helix primer.

*Product Review* (In no way sponsored)

I bought the Stila One Step Correct – a Skin tone correcting and brightening primer. I wasn’t too sure about it but I’m willing to give anything it a go to try and make my make up routine easier and use less liquid foundation. I just find that takes so much time to do.

Now this primer is made up of three creams – hence triple helix. Inside is green to reduce redness, peach to cover dark circles and spots, and lavender to correct shallowness. I used a brush to blend the primer in and was really impressed with the results. I had read some of the reviews where people had said it hadn’t worked for them but lots of positive reviews as well. The coverage was wonderfully. My skin tone evened out beautifully, the redness was eased. I actually felt like my skin tone was brighter with just the primer and without putting any other make up on top.

Obviously the skin tone being evened out meant I looked a little weird as it does need make up over the top. I did put some powder foundation over the top but I wasn’t too fussed on doing a proper full blown face of make up. I mean we’re in lockdown. No one is going to take photos of me which means I’m not too fussed about how I look. I’m looking forward to trying a full face of make up with it to see if it still looks as good. I’ve found every other green primers are really chalky when I put them on so this one seemed tons better with no chalky texture.

*Product review over*

It was time to Skype Leanne. She text me to check we were still on and that she was going to make a cuppa and then come online. I soon received a text saying she was ready but had no idea what she was doing. I called her and we had a lovely time laying on our sofas chatting to each other about everything. She’s gutted she’s not on holiday as she was supposed to be heading to Disneyland and I chatted about how I was possibly going to cancel our trip to Disneyland Paris with the current situation. I don’t think Disney and oversea travel will be back to normal by the time we are suppose to go.

We were on the call for nearly two hours together. Bella interrupted every now and then wanting things but on the whole she was pretty good watching Paw Patrol. 

Leanne and I had a wonderful chat but we soon said goodbye. Leanne had things she needed to do with her day and I needed to do some home learning with Bella.

This afternoon we were going to do some science. I was going to show Bella how colours mix and how water can move through paper. We set about with our experiment.

I set up 6 tubs of water and food colouring, two blue, two red, and two yellow. Bella rolled up three pieces of kitchen roll so we could play them in the bowls.

Bella placed each end of the paper in to the tubs. The first was one end in blue and one in yellow. We watched the water gradually climbed up the paper until the two colours met in the middle. Then we tried the red and yellow tubs and finally the red and blue.

We decided to leave the tubs on the side in the kitchen for a while and come back to see what the colours had done later.

That afternoon Bella used her busy bag. This time I had filled it with minibeast pictures on megablocks as well as the giant bugs we had bought for Bella. She had lots of fun joining all the pieces together. This does seem to be one of her favourite activities. I love that Twinkl seem to have pictures for megablocks for all topics.

Once she’d matched all the bricks up she then matched the pictures with the giant bugs. She told me that butterflies come from caterpillars. She really does love butterflies. I think I might have to focus on butterflies next week.

That evening Daly seemed to be running a little late. I guessed it was because he was going to the shop to get some energy drinks to help him stay awake while he switched from day shifts to night. It turns out he hadn’t only been picking up energy drinks he had also picked up a gift for Bella. He felt bad because how upset she had gotten yesterday when he had told her that Thumper wasn’t for her so he had promised to get her a treat.

He turned up with a Lady teddy from Lady and the Tramp. She was over the moon with it. It was so cute how excited she was.

The evening was a nice chilled one. Once Bella had gone to bed I sorted out her sensory bin. I had turned it into a minibeast habitat. There was paper and green rice for the grass, some compost. Sticks, pebbles, some plastic flowers and some leaves. The final touch was the bugs. The sensory bin actually looked really good. I’m sure Bella’s going to love exploring it.

Then it was the Great British Sewing Bee time. Mum and I used to watch it when she was alive so I was very excited it was back. Especially as I’ve gotten into sewing and making outfits for Bella. I’m really excited for next week as it’s children’s clothes week, hopefully lots of ideas for Bella.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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