Lockdown 2020 – Bella made a zoo – 30th April 2020

This morning there was a bit more home schooling than we had done in a while. I had planned on taking Bella out for a week before lunch but the weather was miserable. I mean all day we had rain on and off and hail stones. And they weren’t small hail stones. They were pretty big.

Anyways our first activity of the day was matching shapes to make chicks. It was one of the activities we had for Easter but hadn’t really used them. So we pulled them out this morning and Bella sat on the floor matching up the shapes. She did pretty well.

She soon got bored though and changed the activity. Instead she was lining the shapes up next to each other.

Once we got dressed I let Bella go on her iPad. I know Bella is a little young for phonics but I wanted to try and download the Twinkl phonics app to at least start Bella off. I used to use them at work and they were helpful. Sadly because I have an old iPad mini it doesn’t have the newest ios which is needed for the app to download. I went through my old apps though and managed to find a phase one phonics app from Twinkl. I’ve found that if you have out of date apps in purchases you can some times download them. And it worked. I was able to download the phase one phonics onto the iPad mini for Bella to use.

So once I’d finally got this app downloaded I was able to let Bella play it. We sat together on the sofa and I helped her with the phonics games and to try and listen. She was very good at the listening snap – matching the sounds to the picture, and did very well at the description game. She was able to find the animals that were described and completely amazed me with how well she did with the instrument descriptions.

Now as it was a day stuck inside I decided to try and do some meal planning and get on top of Daly’s shifts. During this lockdown I’ve found it really helpful to meal plan. As I write a shopping list for Rachel once a week so she can pick up the food for us. It means I don’t have to leave the house. It’s a bit confusing if Narcolepsy is a high risk category. It is an autoimmune disease and that is classed as high risk but it doesn’t class you as immune compromised. Anyways Rachel doesn’t want to risk me getting it anyways so she’s completely happy to do our shopping. It also means Daly doesn’t have to go out on his days off. So meal planning has helped my shopping list. I have to plan how much food I need for the week and which meals need what foods. It’s been so helpful so hopefully I’ll continue after lockdown.

I pulled out my to do list, diary, our shopping list and my recipe books. I’ve been really struggling for meal ideas so I’ve been using a recipe books to try and give me some ideas. I managed to meal plan for the next two meals and work out what shopping we needed so I could send the list to Rachel.

Then I matched our meals up to Daly’s shifts. It means I’m able to cook things Daly doesn’t like when he’s on nights and occasionally I cook bits he can take to work and reheat. So I then sat in the kitchen matching it all up and updating our calendar. I mean I’m so confused which day is which at the moment, it’s frustrating.

Once the calendar was updated I headed back into the living room where Bella was playing with her bricks. I at first wondered where she had go her bricks from and I realised she’d been pulling out them out of her brick storage box. She hadn’t pulled out many though so I ended up lead on the floor pulling out as many bricks as I could.

Bella happily played with her bricks and built a huge building using the bricks. She had also discovered the little brick animals that were in the collection so she told me she was making a zoo.

Her zoo was pretty impressive when it was finished. I was proud of her. She wanted me to take a photo of her with her zoo but she also wanted to take a photo with her own camera. Sadly her wasn’t charged but that didn’t stop her pretending.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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