Lockdown 2020 – Down to the Post Box – 3rd May 2020

It’s another day in lockdown. Daly is off today and I told him that he could have full responsibility for Bella on his days off as I’m getting to my wits end with her.

I’m guessing Bella had got her pyjamas wet last night in the whole bathroom flooding thing. This morning when she came downstairs she was in a different pyjama top which was inside out and her pyjama drawer was open. At least I know she can take responsibility for things like dressing herself and she also knows where her clothes are.

Daly spent his morning outside washing Rachel’s car. Bella and I spent the morning inside. I was enjoying watch itv. At least this time I was able to see the whole of Britain’s got Talent with very little distraction. Bella was happily playing on the floor with her bricks and animals and her little house.

As the day went on Bella was a little bored of her house and bricks and wanted to do some arts and crafts. We pulled out her art box and had a hunt through. She found some stain glass pictures for her to paint but I wasn’t up for any painting today. Instead she found some Christmas lollypops to colour so she set about colouring them.

Daly and Liam went on the PlayStations in the afternoon. Bella was getting a bit antsy and I needed to head down to the postbox so we decided to go out for a walk. Not in the fields and orchards this time just down the road. Bella was very excited about this as she knew she was going to be able to hunt for the rainbows in peoples windows. We put on our coats, grabbed the letters and headed out.

We walked down the road and Bella was so excited everytime she saw a rainbow. We live near sections of houses that are placed round little greens set back from the road. Bella wanted to walk round these to see if there were any rainbows in these houses. We then came across 3 massive rainbows that were drawn in chalk on the side of one of the houses. Bella went and stood under them for a photo before heading back on our walk.

Once we posted the letters we crossed the road so we could look for rainbows on the opposite side. Bella wanted to continue the walk so we took a bit of a detour home cutting through to a different part of the estate.

We didn’t come across anyone on our walk considering we were in the estate still. We looped back through the houses and cut through a little grassy bit that lead back to our house. I had completely forgotten this grassy bit existed. It was full of dandelions and daisies. Bella stopped to pick a few and blow some dandelion clocks.

We made our way back home in time for me to start dinner. I do love a roast on a Sunday.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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