Lockdown 2020 – Home Schooling with Daddy – 4th May 2020

Back onto homeschooling. The timetable is all planned out and we’re good to go.

First task this morning was breakfast and some fine motor skills. Bella had a lion head and had to use pegs to give it a lions mane. Bella very carefully pegged the pegs round the outside. I was very impressed with her pinching skills. She actually has very strong fingers.

She was very fussy about where the pegs were positioned and insisted that the pegs went completely round the outside. She tried to put some pegs on his ears but I had to tell her nope and stick to the parts where the mane should be.

After fine motor skills it was time for ballet. Bella didn’t want to wear her skirt again but that didn’t matter. She is becoming a little super star when it’s ballet time. She joins in so nicely and listens well to her teacher it’s great.

Bella really enjoyed the activity where she had to wave the scarfs. She had the wave them side to side and then skip around in a circle. She was a little concerned that Misty was sat in the middle of the living room but I told her Misty would move if Bella needed the space.

After ballet we had a little break before we played a game on powerpoint. Bella told me she wanted to look a safari animals as well as minibeasts so that was our focus for today. We were playing a game where a small section of an animal was shown and Bella had to guess what the animal was. She was brilliant at it. She was able to guess animals better than me.

Some of the animals she struggled with because she’d never really seen them before. Animals such as meerkats and hyenas. I mean she’s seen them in zoos and safari parks but not an animal we commonly talk about.

After the powerpoint it was time for lunch. Bella decided after eating her lunch she was going to draw on her magnetic board. She told me she was going to draw Liam, Daddy, Mummy and Bella. First up she drew me.

She seemed to loose interest quickly with that and ended up just scribbling all over the board. Oh well she was happy.

That afternoon daddy helped her with her activities. She wanted to do something so I found out her activity I had set. It was a make your own safari park sheet. She had a base mat to stick all the animals on and the second sheet had all the animals and items you would find at a safari park to cut out and then stick on.

Daly sat with Bella and helped her cut out the items. He held the pieces for her and told her which bits need cutting. She can actually cut pretty well as long as she doesn’t have to hold the paper. The scissors are stiff even though their kiddy ones. She has to use both hands to open them but then cuts well.

As she was happily working with her dad and they were doing the safari sheet together I headed upstairs to tidy my room. My side of the bed has been getting more and more untidy and becoming a dumping area for everything, it’s been driving me mad.

I went upstairs and tidied away. After a while I heard Bella and Daly come up the stairs. She had come up to show me her finished safari park. She told me all about it and then we took a photo of it.

It was nice to let Bella and Daly spend some time together and get some jobs down. I’m so happy I’ve managed to sort out my side of the room. That’s another area to tick of my list as tidied.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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