Lockdown 2020 – Butterflies – 6th May 2020

I woke up before Bella today. That never happens. I was downstairs and actually was able to sit and watch some grown up TV before she came down stairs.

When she eventually came downstairs the TV went off and it was time for breakfast. I didn’t really want to make toast this morning so I raided the cereal. We had some shreddies I had bought for Daly which he hasn’t touched yet so we opened them. I poured Bella a bowl with milk and them myself a bowl with milk and sugar. We went and sat up to the table and enjoyed our breakfast together.

When we’d finished our breakfast I told Bella it was time for some work. This morning it was finger painting spots onto ladybirds. I sat with Bella as we counted out how many spots she needed to put on the ladybirds. She did a pretty good job at counting. But she hadn’t quite got the idea that she could put the spots on both sides of the shell of the ladybird.

While I did some jobs, Bella entertained herself doing some stamping. Bella received a stamp set off my aunty Hanneke last year when we went to my cousins party. Bella had found it and was using this this morning. I found her some paper and she had to use one of her Paw Patrol ink pads but she was happily playing.

As I passed through with washing to hang up on the line, Bella was telling me which animal she was stamping. She is certainly coming along with her conversation skills.

Liam woke up and he and Bella enjoyed some CBeebies while I sat on the floor and sorted out all the dry washing. It seemed to be piling up pretty badly over the last few days. Apparently I was sitting in a castle, made from the washing piles, and Bella was trying to join me in the castle. We were both queens and when I got up to sort out her lunch, she was now the queen.

After lunch we read a story about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Bella seemed really focused on butterflies today. She snuggled up on my lap and listened so nicely to the story. She was telling me all about the story and what was happening in the pictures.

After the story we did a bit of art. Using water coloured paints we painted coffee filters to make butterfly wings. While Bella was painting their wings I painted a few pegs brown for their bodies. I thought we could hang the finished butterflies in the window as a cute display.

Bella ended up painting 8 coffee filters before I finally got her to stop and move on. She was enjoying painting so much. It’s great how she gets so stuck into an activity like that and it’s hard to pull her out.

She was a bit sad I’d told her it was time to stop. I asked her if she wanted another activity to which the answer was yes. I gave her a shape butterfly to make. I stuck the original picture up in front of her as a guide and then just left her to it. She did amazing at copying the original. She didn’t need any guidance at all. If I asked her which shape she was using next she’d show me and tell me where it was going to go.

After dinner Daly and Bella had a bit of a play around with Daly’s phone while I was busy. They sent me a whole bunch of silly photos for me to enjoy when I finally checked my phone.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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