Lockdown 2020 – I finished the Romper – 10th May 2020

Bella started her day playing with her box ship again. She had managed to break it yesterday so my first job of the day was to reattach the front of her ship. Once I’d fixed it all up she went back to playing pirates – no costume today though.

I was back to my sewing, I had managed to get nearly the whole of the romper complete. However when I tried it on Bella to check that it worked and fitted her I encountered a problem. The straps were far too short meaning it was very hard to put it on. So last night I had made a little alteration and added in some extra fabric to extend the straps and to help with the putting on and off the straps can be undone to give extra space.

This morning all I needed to do was hem the bottom of the legs. I had tried to finish the romper last night but decided I should probably go to bed.

I finished off the hems, attached the poppers and then it was complete. I asked Bella to put it on so I could see what it looked like and check the fit.

She was not happy. After a little bit of a fight and arguing she put the romper on and I managed to get a photo. It was a little big in places but it’s ok for just playing around the house which is why I made it.

After the battle of the romper Bella wanted to do some drawing. She wanted her Paw Patrol drawing set out so I pulled it out and laid it down on the carpet for her.

Her favourite part of the set seems to be the stencils. A few of them have broken sadly where they are just card but she still has plenty to choose from. Bella decided to chill out on the floor drawing Chase and Skye and some bones.

She happily sat on the floor colouring and drawing quietly. I love the fact she is so happy to be creative and can have this time away from a screen.

After some colouring and drawing Bella wanted to be a pirate again. I have a feeling that the fact we were watching Peter Pan had a hand in that. She sat in her ship playing and watching the film.

While Bella was happily playing and watching the film I headed into the kitchen to get dinner ready – it being a Sunday means its roast dinner day. Like always I chill out in the kitchen with the laptop and iPad, watching videos and getting work done. I also use this time to get some washing up done and tidying.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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