Lockdown 2020 – Today was a Meh day – 12th May 2020

When we got up this morning I gave Bella a small task to do before her ballet lesson. I have printed out and made various fine motor skill activities to try. I like these as they are repetitive tasks and very quick and easy to do. Perfect for the half an hour between breakfast and getting ready for ballet and it doesn’t matter if she’s not too focused. Their kind of filler activities but still practicing valuable skills.

This mornings fine motor task were some hand writing sheets. Now I know she needs to develop her fine motor skills before learning to write but she loves drawing and trying to write so I knew she’d enjoy this task.

I gave her the little sheets of patterns and a white board pen. I had laminated the patterns so we can reuse them.

I left Bella to it. She was happily practicing her writing skills in the middle of the living room. She tried really hard to copy all the patterns. She wasn’t very good at them but it’s all good practice.

I had finally woken up a little and it was time to get ready for ballet. We got Bella dressed into her ballet leotard and for some reason she wanted to wear her wrap around cardigan. I logged in to our facebook classes and linked the laptop up to the TV ready for class to start.

Bella did really well with her class today. She joined in really well and didn’t need me to join in next to her like normal. She was happy to join in on her own and I was able to just sit back and enjoy.

After ballet Bella wanted a snack like normal and she had a chilled out morning and lunch before our main activity in the afternoon. Today our afternoon activity is cooking.

Today we are cooking cupcakes. Bella helped me measure out all the ingredients and fill the tray with cupcake cases.

Now I decided to go off recipe slightly. The recipe said we needed baking powder and I had it in my had that bicarbonate of soda is the same as baking powder – spoiler they really aren’t the same thing.

So Bella and I worked together to make the cupcakes. Bella poured all the ingredients into the bowl to mix.

She helped me mix the ingredients together and then scoop the mixture into the cupcake cases.

We popped the cakes into the oven and waited for them to cook.

Daly was off and so like normal he spent most of his day outside cleaning the car.

Bella headed back into the living room to watch Nick Jr while I cleaned up the kitchen. Once I’d finished there I actually ended up sat outside on the drive with Daly. It seemed like today was one of those days where you feel really rubbish and just are done with the day. Turns out we were both feeling like that.

That afternoon I had received a message saying I had made it through to a second round of an online pageant I had entered. Being an ex carnival girl with a best friend who did pageants they’ve been part of my life since I was 17. I don’t have a great experience of pageants but I thought a harmless little online pageant where you just send a photo with your name and age and you might get through to the next round.

I had entered on a whim last night and honestly didn’t expect to make it through, but I did an recieved a message saying I was through and for the next round I needed to answer a question. My question was ‘If I could have any superhuman ability what would it be? And why?’

I had a long think about this and came up with a couple of different ideas but in the end settled on empathy. The ability to feel what other people feel.

I wrote out what turned out to be a massive paragraph of why I chose this ability and why and sent it off.

While I was sitting on the drive I discussed it with Daly and told him my answer. The only problem with doing this, I started to doubt myself. I’m very good at that. I kept questioning whether I had answered well or if I chose the wrong ability, should my answer of been shorter. I was driving myself crazy.

Thankfully I was soon able to distract myself with cooking dinner.

After dinner Bella wanted to sit up to the dinner table with Liam and play with her playdough. They spent some time together playing while I sat and enjoyed some grown up TV. I love that she can happily play with or beside Liam while I chill out.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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