Lockdown 2020 – Making Crayons – 13th May 2020

Bella was very tired this morning. Instead of starting her morning like normal and running around and starting her day playing she curled up on the sofa and watching TV. Bella was chilled out watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m not sure why she was so tired but it was nice to have a quiet morning.

While Bella was curled up and watching Disney I was trying to catch up on blogs. I am so behind at the moment. I just haven’t had the motivation, I’m not sure why but that’s why a lot of blogs are extremely behind and might be pretty short or just mini snippets of our day. I just want to make sure there is a blog for each day during lockdown.

Once Bella woke up a little bit I decided we needed to get on with a little job we had to do. I have entered Bella into a pageant and we needed to send in a video of Bella answering her interview questions. Bella isn’t happy about having to sit still while I film but it needs to be done. I have a feeling Bella is one of the youngest in her age group so it might place her at a little of a disadvantage.

I had already filmed a little bit of her interview but we have to do things like this in short sections. I got Bella dressed up in a cute outfit and popped her on the sofa to ask her all about herself. Her name, her age, who she lives with. She gave me all the answers as well as a little bit of chat but it required a bit of prompting. Bella is very much a person who will talk when she wants to talk.

When I’d finished videoing Bella’s interview questions I set about editing the two videos we had. I had two videos each with about 8 minutes of content that needed to be trimmed down and edited so I could send it off.

While I was busy editing and trimming, Bella pulled out her little work bench and set about fixing things. She does love pretending to build and fix things.

I eventually had finished the video but I now had the issue of it was too big to send on. So I now had the fun of trying to shrink it down or find a way to send it to the pageant director.

While I was trying to fix that Bella and I headed into the kitchen to do our afternoon activity. Today our afternoon activity was a science activity. We were going to make some recycled crayons and then our own paper.

I had already sorted through Bella’s old crayons to find broken bits that we could use and removing all the paper round the outside.

We headed into the kitchen to make our crayons. Our first job was to smash up the broken crayons into smaller pieces but putting them inside a bag and then using a rolling pin to smash them up.

Once the pieces were all broken up, Bella placed all the little pieces into a lego silicon mould I had bought. She filled up as many of the lego moulds as she could and once they were ready I put them into the oven for her so the crayons could melt.

We left the crayons to cook and Bella wanted to join Liam up at the table so she could play with her playdough.

She was pulling the playdough apart and turning it into little balls and then lining them up across the table.

Daly and Bella ended up snuggling up on the sofa and watching TV together. It was so cute. They snuggled up under a blanket and I was waiting for the pair of them to fall asleep.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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