Lockdown 2020 – Getting crafty with spoons – 15th May 2020

This morning we actually managed some home schooling. I feel so bad that I’ve not managed to keep up with it as well as I was at the beginning of lockdown but I suppose I should cut myself some slack, I mean we are inside 24/7 and it’s having a huge impact on everyone’s mental health I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack.

I had been planning on doing this activity with Bella for a few weeks but I had been procrastinating and putting off completing the resources. We were choosing numbers and then feeding the monkey that many bananas. It was a good way for Bella to practice counting and trying to recognise numbers.

Bella had great fun feeding the monkey and did very well with her counting. She seems to have cracked it and remembers the number 4 every time now whereas in the past she was jumping straight from number 3 to 5.

Once we’d finished with her maths, it was time for breakfast and then ballet. As soon as breakfast was over Bella got changed into her ballet leotard and it was time for class. Bella did very well this morning and joined in very well.

While Bella was doing ballet I started work on the final round of the pageant. We have to take a photo of us with a sheet, a cushion, a spoon or a toilet roll. We were told to be as creative as possible so I had been thinking all night and decided I could be the most creative with a spoon. I guessed a lot of people were going to use a cushion or pillow and do the pillow trend that had been circulating on Instagram.

I hunted out some plastic spoons for my creative project. I had decided I was going to try and make some jewellery. Mum used to make jewellery all the time and when she died I laid claim to all her art and craft supplies so I knew I should have everything I needed to make what I wanted.

I first set about making a bow as I knew that would be an easy start. I attached a spoon to a black bow I already had and added some gold ribbon.

Next up was some earrings and a necklace. I wanted to do a pearl themed thing so I found some gold and white pearl beads and worked out how to attach them to the spoons. Before I could attach them though I needed to make some holes in the top of the cut off spoons so I could attach the earring hooks and the loop to make a necklace pendant. I used a hot screwdriver and then filed down the melted plastic.

Once I had attached the fixtures I worked out how to attach the pearls. I decided that using some metal jewellery wire weaved around the spoons.

It turned out it didn’t actually take me long to make the jewellery. And I even added some pearls and wire to the bow so all the pieces tided in.

Once I’d finished it was back to focusing on Bella, she had decided she wanted to play with her spots. She had laid them out cross the living room and was jumping from spot to spot.

I had received a video on facebook from Leanne to show Bella. It was Disney’s video with Olaf all about how we can’t be together because of the coronavirus but how we still love each other and will see each other soon. I showed the video to Bella and she stole my phone, just sitting on the floor watching it over and over again.

I needed to do a few bits in the kitchen so I left Bella playing while I went and did the washing up and tidied the kitchen. When I came back out of the kitchen and into the living room this is what I walked into …

Bella had set up a picnic for us using the snacks from yesterday. It was so sweet. She had laid out a little picnic blanket and had laid all the snacks out. Turns out there was a lot of chocolate for snacks in the picnic bag.

Bella had even set out her two little seats that she had received yesterday and instructed me to sit down.

We had a lovely picnic together and then Bella had a nursery session. This weeks session was all about listening and identifying between different sounds. Bella did very well and I was really impressed with her ability to tell the difference between the sounds.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chilled. Bella played around with her unicorn head and tried scaring me – I hate those things even if I know whose inside them. They just scare me.

I took my photo for the final round of the pageant wearing all the jewellery I had made once I had done my make up. I was pretty happy with how the photos had come out and sent it off to be judged. We will find out tomorrow if I place.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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