Lockdown 2020 – Boring Saturday – 16th May 2020

This morning was ballet time. Bella’s normal ballet leotards were in the wash so I found out a leotard with a tutu that mum had bought her. It was this cute little purple velvet leotard with little pink roses around the neck line. To match her leotard she wanted a purple bow in her hair. However once she was dressed instead of getting ready to get ready for ballet she decided to build a fort out of her little chairs. She was trying to hide from me.

Eventually she came out for her fort and settled down nicely to join in with ballet. I linked her class up on to the tv. Normally she will join in on her own but today she wanted me to join in with her.

Halfway through her class she eventually let me sit down and enjoy her dancing. She was running all around and join in with all the different dances. She loved skipping across the living room with her scarves.

After yesterdays picnic with snacks Bella wanted to have another picnic today. So after ballet I headed into the kitchen to make us a proper picnic. I made us some rolls and then packed them into the picnic bag with some fruit and yoghurts. Once it was all packed I put the picnic bag to one side and told Bella she could set it all up for us.

She headed into the living room, laid out a little blanket and then laid out all the food. We settled down on the floor and started to enjoy our picnic.

Bella really enjoyed our little picnic. She really enjoys mummy and Bella time.

After lunch Bella had a little bit of play time with her horse. While Bella was playing I set about working out. I’ve been pretty successful with keeping up with my work out schedule. The lovely days outside have meant I’ve been able to workout outside and not have to take over the whole of the living room.

Once I’d finished my workout I went and got a snack. I settled down on the sofa to watch some TV.

Bella and I ended up heading up stairs and chilling out in bed for a little bit. Bella had found her colouring book and came and snuggled up colouring. She’s getting really good with her colouring but she tends to just colour in one colour rather than using different colours for different bits.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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