Lockdown 2020 – Sleepover – 17th May 2020

We started this morning pretending to be witches. I was turning Bella into various things. First she wanted to be a frog and she was hopping all over the living room and furniture going ribbit. Then once that magic had worn off she wanted to be a carriage and then a castle. And finally of course she wanted to be a princess. A cute way to start our morning.

We caught up on last nights Britain’s got Talent. Bella loves watching it but ends up going to bed on a Saturday night before she can watch it. We settled down to watch what acts had been on. I’ve found this year they tend to only show the really good acts this year whereas in previous years there have been a range of good and bad.

Once Britain’s got Talent was over I headed over to Disney+ to watch a film. Well so Bella could watch a film while I tried to get some work done. I’ve fallen far behind. It seems to be a habit this lockdown. I just can’t keep up.

Bella was watching Zootopia. She used to watch this film lots when she was round her grandparents. We hadn’t watched it in a while and it was nice it wasn’t Cinderella again.

While I was working I was also taking some time to catch up with some messages and emails as well as some Youtube videos. Of course the way I work.

I had relocated to the kitchen to do my blogging. I swear it’s become my office. I mean I’ve always loved sitting in the kitchen for some reason and now Bella has learnt not to come in the kitchen while I’m cooking it’s nice to have some space that’s mine. Maybe if I can sort mum’s study out, I can turn it into my own study.

I got a little bit bored of blogging, so I did a bit of online window shopping. Little hard when I don’t have any money but it’s nice to look at pretty things and dream.

It was soon time to start dinner.

Bella had been looking forward to tonight. We had arranged to have a sleepover in the front room as Daly was switching from day shifts to nights so was the perfect evening to stay up with an excited toddler. Work had tried to change Daly’s shifts but thankfully they hadn’t. It’s very hard to explain to a toddler when plans have changed. Especially as she’d been waiting all week for this sleepover.

After dinner we got Bella dressed into her pyjamas and I brought down her mattress. We set her little bed up infront of one of the sofas while we all settled down to watch a film. Well we were going to watch a film and do those sort of fun sleepover things but Daly and Liam settled down to watch the Mandalorian.

Oh man I am not a Star Wars fan and it seems Bella isn’t either. She was having more fun hiding under her duvet and jumping out.

Considering the excitement of having a sleepover with mummy and daddy in the living room Bella very quickly crashed out. I moved her mattress out the way so we could pull out the sofa bed for us. She looked so cute snuggled up in her duvet at the bottom of our bed.

I’m glad I was able to give Bella her sleepover.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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