Lockdown 2020 – Can’t believe I placed – 18th May 2020

Bella woke up early this morning. Not good when Daly is switching to nights and we’re all sleeping in the living room together. I managed to wake up when Bella did as I wasn’t feeling so great. And to prevent her jumping all over Daly and waking him up I quickly popped Nick Jr on for her. During this lockdown I’ve bitten the bullet and signed back up for the kids channels on Now TV.

Bella happily settled down to watching TV. While I got up and had a bath. I don’t like baths but they relax me when I’m not feeling well. It was 7am so Bella and I were the only two up and that child seems addicted to screens.

Once I finished my bath I snuggled down on the sofa and enjoyed some kids TV with Bella. Liam soon joined us and Bella was a bit fed up so decided to jump all over Daly. It wasn’t too bad. Daly doesn’t tend to sleep too late when he’s switching between days and nights.

Bella jumped all over him in bed and when he finally got up Bella had great fun playing peek a boo under the covers. She was having a ball. She does love it when the sofa bed is out in the living room.

I was waiting for the results from the pageant I had entered so was trying to distract myself from clock watching. The results were going live on facebook at 12ish. They were going to announce the top ten and along with some side awards such as most potential.

12pm soon turned and it was time to log on and tune in for the live. I kept refreshing the page and my notifications to see if the live was going to come up. Eventually the live came on and it was time for the results. I knew a few of the girls I was up against and also the age I was compared to them all, so I was thinking I wouldn’t do too well. But I tried really hard with the final round so I hoped that would build my scores up high enough.

The director first went through the side awards but I didn’t place in any of them, oh well there was still the top ten. Soon it was that time. The top ten started to be announced. First tenth, then ninth, eight and then seventh. I was announced as coming 7th place and I am so proud of myself. I think I was at least 8 years older than anyone else in the pageant if not even more so I’m not going to scoff at 7th place. To think it’s been 5 years since the last time I competed and never made it anywhere near placing so I’m extremely happy with myself. It’s shown me I can do it. Maybe I’ll end up taking this confidence boost and try my hand at pageants again.

After the awards were announced, we went outside. Joe and Jess had turned up for a socially distanced visit. We sat on deck chairs on the drive so we could sit and chat out in the fresh air. Bella loved the chance to talk to someone else other than Liam and I. She sat outside with us on the drive enjoying some of daddy’s crisps. Daly had bought a multipack of Wotsits for work and had left one of them at home which Bella found. And who am I to say no.

Liam spent the time washing the car as it’s something for him to do during this time at home. He’s an outside person and he can’t stand being in the house all the time so getting outside and washing the cars helps.

While we were outside chatting Bella disappeared inside. After a while I got a bit suspicious of what she was up to. We hadn’t heard anything from her for a while and that’s always worrying when it’s a toddler that’s gone quiet. I went inside and searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. She wasn’t responding to me calling and I couldn’t see her anywhere. I obviously started to freak out. I even checked the back garden but no sign. Just as I was about to freak out on Jess, Joe and Liam I discovered a little bundle curled up on all the bedding in front of the TV. She had blended in so well with all the blankets and fallen asleep so wasn’t answering. I managed to calm down and reassure myself she was ok and really there and headed back to chat.

Bit of an eventful afternoon but we survived it.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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