Lockdown 2020 – Fun in the Pool – 19th May 2020

Today was a nice chilled out day. Although it’s starting to get pretty hot outside.

Bella wanted to bring down her duplo from her bedroom this morning. She had round up all her square duplos in a little basket she had and brought them down. She likes to line them up or put them all together to make towers. She quietly played on the floor while I was curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning so a cup of tea definitely helps.

Because of the heat I wanted to set up the pool in the garden for Bella. It has been so beautiful recently that we definitely need the pool to cool down in. Sadly we don’t have the big inflatable pool anymore as it got burst last summer. Instead we’ve got a small mermaid pool which is ideal for keeping Bella cool. I set up the pool and filled it up for Bella.

Then we came across a problem, because it had had been so long since we had gone swimming (last October) I didn’t realise how tight Bella’s swimsuit had gotten. Oh well, it will do for the time being. It’s not too tight or small that she can’t wear them. I however got hold of Bella’s Grandma to see if she could get hold of a new swimsuit for her. They live pretty close to a Sainsburys and it has a pretty good clothing section. Bella does have a butterfly tankini somewhere but she’s hidden it in her room somewhere.

Anyways she got dressed in her swimsuit and headed out into the garden to play. While she was out splashing about I got one of our new lounger seats and sat with her in the garden. It was good fun.

Once she’d finished in the pool it was time to get our and get dry. I got Bella dressed and then she wanted to spend some time playing on her iPad. She’s been really enjoying a racing game on her iPad and I love the fact all the games I have for her are educational games.

That evening when it had finally cooled down Bella wanted to carry on playing in the garden. She found out her scooter and practiced scooting around the garden. She’s getting a lot better with her balance.

We had a nice day outside enjoying the weather. I’m just dreading if it gets any hotter.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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