Lockdown 2020 – In the pool again – 21st May 2020

This morning it was too hot outside so instead of going outside into the pool we sheltered inside with all the curtains closed so the sunlight couldn’t come in. Its so depressing inside the house when it is so hot outside. All the curtains and windows are closed and its so dark because I don’t want the lights on as that adds to the heat.

So as it was so hot we had a movie morning in the dark. I had wanted to share Thunderbirds 2005 film with Bella and it seemed like a perfect chance. I know a lot of people didn’t like the Thunderbirds film when it came out but I have always loved Bill Paxton and the Thunderbirds so its a perfect film. Bella seemed to really liked it. We settled down in the living room and watched the film together.

When the film was over Bella wanted to go outside and go into the pool. We got ready and in Bella went. I got out one of the loungers again and settled down in the shade although I still felt like I was burning. It was a very hot day.

After a few hours in the sun and while I burnt, Bella eventually ventured back inside. She seemed to be fed up with the pool but at least it meant I could get out of the sun. I burn so easily.

While we were all inside I spotted a robin hanging out in the garden and on the swing. It does like to hang out in our garden. I see it quite regularly. I tried to snap a few photos on my phone but they weren’t the best. I’ll have to try with my camera at some point and see if I can get some good ones.

That afternoon Bella decided she wanted to do some drawing. She really enjoys drawing at the moment. Today she surprised me by drawing round her hand. I was quite impressed, I’d never seen her to that before and that requires good coordination. When she’d finished she definitely had a hand shape drawn on her paper.

Hopefully another sunny day tomorrow.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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