Hello Autumn!

I know autumn started a while back. The first official day of autumn was the 22nd of September (also World Narcolepsy Day) and I love autumn. It is absolutely my favourite season.

There are many things that I love about autumn and im sure I’m not the only one. To celebrate the beginning of autumn Bella and I always do a mini photo shoot. It turns out over the years I’ve collected quite a few autumn items. We have stuff toys like foxes, hedgehogs and squirrels. We also have a ridiculous amount of fake autumn leaves and of course a few pumpkins. This year I also bought some led autumn leaves for some cute photos. I just need to find somewhere to put them in the house.

So an autumn photoshoot always starts the season.

I love autumn fashion. I mean for someone who loves to be cozy a season where knits are all the rage is brilliant. My wardrobe is full of knits, I’ve got cozy jumpers and cardigans of all colours. It’s also the season where I pull out my skirts. It seems to be the only time of year I dress girly even though I love girly fashion. I just don’t seem to be able to pull off cute skirts and summer dresses or more I cant be bothered.

I’ve even decorated my house a little bit this year for autumn. I’ve used all the bits I have for my photoshoots and Rachel picked me up some halloween tinsel last year so I’ve placed that in various places around the house. We’ve got pumpkins, leaves and pinecones all over the place. I think it’s really cute. I just wish I had a few autumn candles around the place. I think it would be so cozy.

Who else here loves autumn? Only a few more days though and the count down to Christmas beginnings. Put your hands up if your excited for Christmas this year.

There will be a few more autumn blogs coming but I’m still working out what works for me in the pandemic world as blogging daily wasn’t working and weekly I got far too behind with. We’ll see. Thank you for everyone who is still here

Love CiCi x

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