Annual Autumn Photoshoot with Bella

I don’t think I did a photoshoot with Bella last year, I kept planning on it but my mental health tends to go down hill September time so I think I ended up putting it off until it was too late. But this year I made sure I did one. I didn’t have to really buy any props for the shoot this year but I did want to get some LED leaf lights. I managed to find some on Amazon and ordered them ready for the shoot on the first day of autumn.

On the day I pulled out the backdrop I had bought last year for the shoot and set up in the living room. I used my nice Christmas blanket as a kinda flooring for the shoot. One side is really nice and fluffy so I thought it would add to the cozy look I was going for. I found all my props for the shoot – the woodland animals, the leaves and pumpkins. I managed to set up in the living room and then I had the task of getting Bella dressed in her autumn themed outfit for this year. I had bought her a cute deer patterned gilet and I thought it would be ideal for the photos.

Bella was actually pretty willing to join in with the photos today. First we tried some photos with the LED leaves. I do love the photos with fairy lights, I think their always cute and also the room doesn’t have to be too dark to take them.

Once I’d taken the fairy light photos we switched to some with the animals. However it turned out my indoor lighting doesn’t make great photos so I had to go and grab my photography light out of the kitchen – our kitchen light is broken so been using one of my photography lights rather than fixing it. Anyone know a good cheap electrician please let me know.

I set up my lights but Bella was done with the animals by then. So instead we moved on to some fun photos with the autumn leaves. That was a bit of a challenge for me but we managed it. I managed to prop the camera up and set the timer and thankfully I’m able to set it to take several frames at a time. I was actually pretty impressed with the way my photos turned out. I hope you enjoy these photos from our autumn shoot.

Love CiCi x

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