A bit of Autumn Crafting – 8th October 2020

Today we tried some autumn crafts. It seems Bella, every now and then wants to have a crafty day and today was one of those days. Thank god for a Twinkl subscription. I often use Pinterest for ideas but on those days when Bella wants to go crafty on the spur of the moment and I don’t have anything planned Twinkl is a saver. Just log on and print an activity off. I mean we have a Marco Polo subscription and they now do activity packs for each month but that just wasn’t floating Bella’s boat today.

To go with the autumn theme I found some hedgehog activities on Twinkl. I printed off an activity that meant Bella could practice her cutting. She needed to cut out lots of different coloured triangles and then glue them onto the picture of the hedgehog to give him lots of spikes. Bella tried really hard with her cutting. It’s funny because sometimes she is really particular about cutting everything out exactly so there is no white paper and other times she can’t be bothered. Today she couldn’t really be bothered. I showed her she needed to cut the triangles out properly but she wasn’t interested. Oh well.

Once she’d cut all her triangles out she glued them onto her hedgehog. She sat there and carefully added all the spikes and made sure the hedgehog was covered.

When lunch time hit Bella wanted pizzas. We normally have pizzas on a Saturday evening and I don’t have any mini ones in the freezer for a quick meal for Bella. She was adamant she wanted a pizza so we improvised. I had an enchilada kit in the cupboard so I thought Bella could use one of the tortillas as a pizza base. We didn’t have much tomato puree so we made our own. We poured a tin of chopped tomatoes into the blender and then Bella squished in a little bit of tomato puree. We blended it up and then Bella spooned it on to the tortilla.

Once the tomato puree had been spread, she sprinkled on some cheese. We popped it in the over and I sent her off to the living room to play while it cooked.

Her pizza did look pretty tasty when it came out of the oven. I think we’re going to need to make sure we’re always stocked up with the ingredients we need.

That evening we decided to make a hedgehog for Uncle Zach for his birthday. I found the clay out for Bella but it turned out it had dried out completely. To be honest it was probably at least a year old. I had a mini panic that we wouldn’t be able to make the hedgehog but thank god for salt dough. I always make sure I have plenty of salt just incase. I quickly whipped up some salt dough and then we were back on track.

Bella first made a ball with the dough and pinched in a kinda nose for the hedgehog. I sat next to her demonstrating with a ball of salt dough so she had an idea of what to do. Once she had a hedgehog shape she used a pair of scissors to cut in the spikes.

She cut in lots of spikes and then I placed it in the oven to cook while I put Bella to bed. I think we timed that pretty well with the cooking as I was able to get Bella to bed and chill out while it cooked.

The following morning Bella painted her hedgehog. I gave her the choice of orange and brown paint. She had great fun mixing the two together. Her hedgehog looked pretty damn good when it was finished.

The final step was the eyes which we added just before she headed off to give Uncle Zach his present. I think this was a very successful autumn crafts session.

Love CiCi x

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