Autumn Walks

We’ve been doing a bit more walking in the last few weeks, especially walking to nursery. Daly has had my car so we’ve had to walk instead. Thankfully nursery isn’t too far but I have been finding I will walk to nursery, drop Bella off, walk home and then crash out on the sofa until I have to pick her back up. I didn’t realise those walks took so much out of me but it seems they do.

Bella’s been enjoying the walks though. She always asks every time we go out she asks to walk so it’s great that we’ve been able to do it more.

As well as walking to nursery we also took a trip to the farm the other day. It was a nice little walk. As we headed along the road to the farm I pointed out the pumpkin sign on their fence. We always go to the farm for our pumpkin picking and Bella being excited for halloween this helped her excitement.

When we got to the farm we picked up the vegetables we needed and I showed Bella the pumpkin field where we’d be going the following week. We’ve arranged to go pumpkin picking with Joe and Jess’s little girl just before halloween and I’m going to take some photos of them and their little one.

While we were paying for our vegetables Bella spotted the pumpkins that had already been picked and in the shop to buy. I mentioned to the man behind the till that we were coming to pumpkin pick in the middle of the following week but he advised us to come at the weekend as they had already sold half of all their pumpkins the week before.

Bella and I walked home. Bella wanted to race a little bit along the pavement but was then quite happy to walk along holding my hand. I think it was the first time we had done that walk without Bella complaining she was tired. Instead she waited until we were round the corner from our house to ask were we home yet. She is a funny one.

Love CiCi x

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