Pumpkin Picking – 24th October 2020

Today we went pumpkin picking!

We had arranged with Jess to go today. We had two options, either go to the farm near us today before they sell out of pumpkins or visit one of the Pumpkin Moon sites as they have tickets allocated. We’d decided that today worked better for us. Joe was able to come with us so I was going to be able to do family photos of the pair of them with their daughter.

Bella had ballet this morning, it was certificate day and she was allowed to dress in her halloween costume. That was handy though as we had thought about going pumpkin picking in their halloween costumes. It meant I didn’t have to get her changed after ballet.

Joe and Jess turned up shortly after we had returned home from ballet. Jess and I chatted for a little bit while Joe and Liam ran an errand. Jess got her little girl dressed into her cute witches costume and I went and got changed into something more appropriate for walking in a muddy, cold field. Once Rosie was all dressed in her costume Jess tried to take some photos, the only problem was she was not playing ball with the little witch headband that had come with her outfit. Jess managed to get a few though before completely giving up with the headband.

Bella had dressed as a witch last halloween so I went and hunted out her witches hat. I thought if she wasn’t willing to wear a headband she might keep the hat on long enough to take some photos. Turns out I was right. I managed to get some cute photos of Rosie and then Liam and Joe returned.

As Joe was back we thought we should make a move to the farm and go pick our pumpkins. I had been charging all my camera batteries all morning so I made sure I had enough charge for the photos and I actually managed to find all of my memory cards for my camera. I made sure I packed them in my bag and then we loaded up my car. Although the farm isn’t too far a walk from mine, I thought two little people and pumpkins might be a little much for us to carry back so the car would be a handy mode of transport.

We pulled up at the farm and man was it busy. It seems the pandemic has made everyone go pumpkin mad. I’ve always managed to go a couple of days before halloween and there’s still tons of pumpkins left and no crowds. But today was insane. We were directed to a space in one of the fields off to the side of the pumpkins and we climbed out. We headed over to the shop to collect a wheelbarrow. There were no wheelbarrows left but there were a few wagon/trailer sort of things.

It was a bit gutting it wasn’t a wheelbarrow because it meant Rosie couldn’t ride with Bella but Bella had fun riding on it while Joe pushed.

We walked into the field to see if we could find a pumpkin. There weren’t too many left around but there were still some good ones. Joe found a pretty decent sided pumpkin and he and Rosie had fun looking at it. She wanted to pick it up but the pumpkin was pretty much the same size as her.

We picked that pumpkin up and placed in the tray on the wagon. Bella set off through the field with Jess and I on the hunt for her pumpkin. Bella had decided she didn’t want a very big one, in fact she wanted a small one this year. We had a look at a few but Bella still wasn’t happy.

Finally we found Bella’s pumpkin. It wasn’t a big pumpkin but thankfully it wasn’t too small. We’d still be able to carve it. Once we finally had our pumpkins we took a few family pics, Bella and I and Joe, Jess and Rosie. It was nice to actually get a nice photo of Bella and I together. That is one of the bonuses when Joe is out with us. He’ll grab the camera off me and grab a few photos of Bella and I, it’s nice I think the last time I have a photo of me taken by someone else is from January when Daly and I went out for date night. Not bad, only 10 months between photos of me.

We took our pumpkins over to the store and paid, while Joe got Rosie into the car. Bella was still having fun riding on the wagon. Once all paid for we loaded the pumpkins into the car and we all set off back to ours.

I have to say we had a great afternoon with the kids. Daly was at work and Joe headed off out to help a friend, so it was just Jess and I with the kids. And it was the nicest I’ve ever seen Bella play with someone much younger than her. Before the kids played though it was lunchtime. Bella wasn’t too happy about Rosie sitting in her travel highchair as she still uses it as a booster seat. Apart from that little hiccup Bella wasn’t too possessive over her stuff.

The kids had a wonderful afternoon. They spent the whole afternoon playing dress up. Bella had pulled out her fancy dress boxes and she spent her time going through all her different costumes. First the girls dressed up as princesses with little crowns and jewelry.

Next Bella found them matching hats to wear. They ended up having to swap though as the original hate Bella had put on Rosie was far to big and she didn’t like it.

At one point they dressed up in sunglasses looking like little rockstars. And their final costume change of the day seemed to be animals – Rosie was a bear and Bella was a bunny.

By the end of the end my living room was trashed and full of toys. We had baby toys everywhere, baby doll bits and fancy dress costumes. The only time we had a little bit of a dispute about toys was when Rosie started playing with Bella’s baby. Bella doesn’t like anyone touching her baby, not even adults. I had noticed Rosie showing an interest in the baby and had told Bella not to panic I was going to fix it but she couldn’t wait so we had a few tears. I found Bella’s other baby doll for Rosie. Bella’s favourite doll is my first Baby Annabell but she also has a my first Baby Born which is almost identical, their just different makes of dolls. So the girls played mums with their babies and it was nice to see Bella playing and sharing. Normally she is not a huge fan of babies but Rosie she loves.

We can’t wait until the girls have their next playdate.

Love CiCi x

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