All about me!

Hi, and welcome to my blog page

I’m Claire, a 30 year old stay-at-home mum to my beautiful daughter, Bella. She’s one, nearly two years old and already such a character. She has the cheekiest laugh and an adorable smile. She loves to explore like all toddlers! Whether it be finding animals at the zoo, splashing in the pool or singing and dancing for anyone who listens.

I have a man child husband called Daly, pronounced Dale just to make things complicated. He loves cars and I mean loves. He’s always talking my ear off about them, whether it’s the newest model, feature or one he’s seen that he’d love to own or at least drive. If he’s not working or playing with cars he can be found with his PS4, good thing is I enjoy a bit of gaming as well so at least that’s something we share.

Now back to me – as I said I’m Claire or as I go by here CiCi. I came up with the nickname after watching scream two. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character is called Casey Cooper or ‘CiCi’ to her friends, I have the same initials so I thought why not, I’ve never had a nickname. I am a huge fan of sleeping – I have narcolepsy so if I can find somewhere comfortable to have a snooze I will. I mean I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of Cheerleading competitions, at carnivals, birthday parties. I love spending time with my little family, trying to take photos and roaming the Kent Carnival Circuit – I used to be a carnival princess.

Most of my time is spent with my daughter having our own little adventures or snuggled up watching good old Disney films (I’ve seen the Little Mermaid countless times over the last month. Send Help!)

Lets see where this crazy adventure takes me and my little family, oh and my sister and her husband. Come and join us for the ride!

Love CiCi

Our beautiful wedding day in 2018